Pesto makes approximately 1 cup

50g baby rocket leaves

50g basil leaves
20g parsley
50g walnuts
2 cloves garlic
120-150ml quality olive oil
Pinch salt
1 x 106g tins Brunswick Sardines in Water (No Added Salt)

To Serve
French stick, cut into diagonal slices and toasted

Place the rocket, basil, parsley, walnuts and garlic in a blender or small food processor and buzz until finely chopped and the nuts are beginning to release their oils. Add half the oil and whizz 20seconds to thoroughly combine the ingredients. Add half the remaining oil and repeat. Add the last bit of oil or a little more if needed to achieve a nice relatively smooth consistency. Taste and season with a little salt.

As this pesto is made with a lot of rocket it is quite peppery. If you are not a fan of this flavour then you can use 20g rocket and 80g basil leaves instead.

Remove the sardines from the oil and roughly smash up with a squeeze of lemon juice and pepper.

Spread a tablespoon of ricotta on the warm toast, top with ¼ of the sardines and a dollop of pesto. Top with a basil leave and serve immediately.